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Autel Explorer on Android

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The AirData UAV Android app will automatically sync the logs on your phone/tablet with your AirData account. This help article explains how to set up the AirData UAV mobile app to sync flight logs from Autel Explorer

Downloading the AirData UAV app

To get started, please download the AirData UAV app on Google Play, here.

If using a device that does not have access to the Play Store, download the AirData UAV app using this direct link:

Logging in to the app

Open the newly installed AirData UAV app and enter the credentials used on the web portal to log in.

IMPORTANT: The pilot that is logged into the AirData app when flights are conducted will be who the flights are assigned to when they are uploaded to AirData. If multiple pilots use the same phone/tablet, it's imperative that each pilot log in to the AirData app before they conduct flights, and log out when they finish flying.

Once inside the app, tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner. Note that you have the option to immediately sync your flights by tapping on "Sync Now." Tap on "Settings" to configure your sync parameters.

airdata app menu

Once inside the settings, proceed to choose the configuration that best suits your needs. With "Auto Sync" enabled (recommended), the app will send the flight to your AirData account immediately after the flight is conducted.

Your chosen settings are saved - meaning, if "Auto Sync" is enabled, you do not need to open the AirData app each time you conduct flights. The flights will automatically synchronize with your AirData account in the background.

airdata app settings

Please refer to this video for a more in-depth walkthrough on uploading your flight logs with the AirData UAV Android app.


Question Answer

Can I log into the app if I don't have an internet connection?

After logging in to the app for the first time (with reception), you can log in to the app with or without reception in the future.


What if I am not connected to the internet? Will my flights sync?

Any flights conducted while offline will upload to your AirData account as soon as your device obtains an internet connection.


Will the app remember the login credentials for multiple pilots?

Yes! Each pilot that enables "Remember me" when logging in will be listed in the "Saved Logins" dropdown for quick access.


I have two Android devices. Do I need to install the AirData UAV app on both?

Yes, you need to install the app on each device you fly with, as the log files are stored on the phone/tablet.


My team has multiple pilots. In addition to logging in and out of the AirData UAV app, does each pilot need to log in and out of Autel Explorer before and after they fly?

It is not necessary for the pilots to log in and out of Autel Explorer, unless they want to keep track of flights on their Autel account. AirData assigns the flight(s) to whichever pilot is logged in to the AirData UAV app (not Autel Explorer) when the flights are conducted.

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