How-To Videos
Check out these how-to videos:
Auto Flight Upload with Direct DJI Sync
Shows you how to set up Direct DJI Sync for automatically uploading DJI flight logs when using an iOS device and DJI GO or DJI Pilot.
For DJI Fly on iOS visit this link.
Uploading Flight Logs with Airdata’s Android App
Step-by-step instructions for downloading our Airdata Android app and setting up the sync parameters.
Airdata Android Live Streaming Setup
Shows the entire live streaming process. Video was made for Android users, but it works for iOS users as well.
Creating Pre & Post-flight Drone Checklists With Airdata
Editing the checklist templates, completing a checklist on the mobile apps and on the website, and unassigned checklists.
Using Airdata's Alerts for Drone Notifications
Explains what an Alert is, how to create one, and where you can find a list of triggered Alerts.
Download Multiple Flight Logs With Reports - Great for Compliance
Demonstrates how to create and download a Standard Flight Report - with a walkthrough on making a Report templates and scheduling Reports.
Changing the PIC on Airdata
Demonstrates how to change the PIC for a flight (and a group of flights) that has been uploaded to Airdata.
Shared DJI Login for Flight Auto Upload on iOS
For Enterprise subscribers who share DJI credentials and use iOS devices to fly - learn how to automatically assign PIC per each flight.
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