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Autel Explorer on iOS


We are excited to provide users with the ability to automatically synchronize their Autel Robotics EVO flights with for superior end-to-end flight experience.


Initial Configuration After Flying

After Flying

After flying, make sure to sync Autel Explorer on your phone / tablet.
This will upload all recent flights to the Autel cloud, making them available to download.

  1. In the Autel Explorer app, click the account icon on the top-right corner:

  2. Click the "Flight Records" menu:

  3. Click the top-right icon to sync your flights with the Autel servers:

  4. Once the flights have been synchronized with the server, a blue cloud icon will appear on the synchronized flights (see the yellow boxes below as examples):

  5. Go to Airdata's Autel Login page, and click on the Sync button.

    Moving forward, your Autel flights will automatically sync on your first login each day, as well as automatically once a week.

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Ewan Haggarty
Posted 2 years ago
Thank you for this - I can confirm the steps described work with th AutelSky app for the Autel Nano+ on Android.
SC Aerials
Posted 2 years ago
Thank you for this update. I will be downloading the App for my new Autel Lite+.
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