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The AirData UAV Android app will automatically sync the logs on your AEE Controller with your AirData account. This help article explains how to download the AirData UAV app and sync flight logs using the AEE Controller.

Downloading the AirData UAV App

Before downloading and installing the AirData UAV mobile app, please ensure that your AEE controller is connected to an internet source.

On the home screen of the AEE Controller, swipe up from the bottom. When the gray bar appears, tap on the circle icon.

AEE Controller Home Screen

Tap on the "Browser" to open the web browser.

AEE Controller App Selection Android

From within the Browser app, use the URL address bar at the top to navigate

Android Browser URL Bar AirData AEE Controller

On, select the latest version of the AirData app for download.

AEE Controller Select AirData Version 80 Download APK

Confirm the download. After it has been completed, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification panel and view the downloaded AirData APK.

AEE Controller Swipe Down Confirm Download AirData Version 80 Android

Tap the AirData APK from the dropdown menu to open the installation prompt. Select "Next" and then "Install".

AEE Controller AirData Install Permissions Android

After successful installation, you should see a notification box. Select "Open".


In the pop-up screen, allow the AirData app permission to access the requested folder on the device.

Logging in to the App

Open the newly installed AirData UAV app and enter the credentials you used on the web portal to log in.

AEE Controller Air Data Login Screen Android

IMPORTANT: The pilot that is logged into the AirData app when flights are conducted will become the Pilot-in-Command on AirData for these flights. If multiple pilots use the same phone/tablet, it's imperative that each pilot logs into the AirData app with their credentials before they fly, and log out when done flying.

Once inside the app, tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner. Note that you have the option to immediately sync your flights by tapping on "Sync Now." Tap on "Settings" to configure your sync parameters.

AEE Controller AirData Android Settings Auto Sync

Once inside the settings, proceed to choose the configuration that best suits your needs — enabling "Auto Sync" is recommended.

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